The Meaning Behind The Name

Saved By Abigail Grace…

When I first started thinking about starting this blog I did some research about the beginning steps. One of the most important steps that I found on many sites was to “Buy your domain name (and pick a good one)”. The articles went on to explain that your domain name should be a name that has personality and hints at what your blog will be about. I starting brainstorming and eventually Saved By Abigail Grace came to my mind.

First off, Abigail’s first and middle name are Abigail Grace. Second, I truly feel that Abigail was brought to me to save me. For anyone who personally knows me, you would know that I had a very rough childhood. I was emancipated at 16 and I was on my own. I met my wonderful husband, Matthew, right around this time. We didn’t have the easiest road to get here but we found out that we were expecting our daughter and we pulled ourselves together. We decided then that we would be the best parents we could possibly be.  Not only did Abigail save me, she saved our relationship and started our future together. Abigail brought us so close, she taught us to work together. Here we are, almost 3 years after welcoming Abigail in to this world, and we are still the strongest, most supportive, and loving marriage that I have ever known. She saved Matthew from bad habits and helped him push himself to his full potential. Matthew has been successful in supporting our family though his career since he was only 19 years old. He works so hard every single day so that I can stay at home and give Abigail all of the attention and one-on-one help that she needs.

Abigail is incredibly smart. She is sweet, supportive, and so loving. She is not mentally impaired at all. She understand everything that I say and every way that I act. When I am sad, she showers me with her little hugs and kisses. When I am mad, she automatically says she is sorry and tries anything she can to make me feel better. You see, when you get to start and end every single day with someone as amazing as Abigail; even the absolute worst days just don’t seem that bad anymore. She saved me. She pushes me every single day to try my best in everything that I do. She is my motivation, my inspiration.

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