LatherMitts Review



I was introduced to LatherMitts by a family friend. She kindly gifted me an unused pair to try out and let her know what I thought of them. Well, here I am, writing a great review about a product that I love!


Note: This is not a sponsored post, I am writing this review about this product without any compensation or free product directly from the company. 

So what exactly are LatherMitts? In my mind, they are the better version of a baby washcloth. I got so many of those little, thin pieces of fabric at my baby shower. By the time I had washed them, I felt as though they had gotten even more tiny. They folded over at the edges and sometimes got pilly.  I can not tell you the amount that have disappeared. I was happy to give those little things a break. I wish that I would have had LatherMitts from the beginning. I will absolutely be gifting sets of these for baby shower gifts in the future.


All About The Mitts:

  • All LatherMitts are made out of cotton terrycloth fabric which makes them soft and gentle.
  • They have a neoprene grip feature between the thumb and fingers so that you can grasp your child safely even with soapy Mitts!
  • The sizes range from Small to Extra Large so that everyone can participate in a safe Bath Time!
  • The material makes them super absorbent, but they are also very easy to make a fist and remove the excess water.
  • For the small cost, LatherMitts will be well worth it. You can re-wash and re-use them over and over.



LatherMitts and Special Needs-

When it comes to bathing or showering my daughter, it is a difficult task. Abigail is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with Mild Cerebral Palsy. Although intellectually she is not impaired, physically she is very delayed. Abigail can not stand unassisted which means that I need to help her balance herself when standing to wash or rinse off her body. With my soapy hands and her soapy body, I am always so worried that she could get hurt if she slips. Since using LatherMitts, I am much more confident during her bath time, and showers are finally an option. I feel like I can get a strong, but gentle, grip on her even while her and my mitts are soapy. This product could really change the way we bath our special needs children and take some weight off of our already over-weighed-down-shoulders.

So what is the flaw? I honestly could not come up with an improvement that could be made or a flaw that I found while using this product. I truly did get rid of those little, thin baby wash cloths. I do use these mitts every single bath for both of my kids! I love the material. I have washed them a few times and they come out like new each time. I’ve never had an issue using them. I rave about them to my personal mom friends and expecting mom’s all of the time! I think that they are a fantastic product that I am excited for mom’s to try and love them like I do!

I am pleased to be collaborating with Sarah Stapp, mom/inventor of LatherMitts, to help promote her product to moms, dads, and caregivers of children, especially children with special needs. You can find the company website here and you can use Abigail’s special discount code- THXAG for $5 off your order!!

Thank you for reading!


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