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Once a week, Abigail and I head to Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital for Abby’s Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy appointments! 

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We decided to start filming some of the parts of Abby’s every day life. Therapy is a huge part of her life and it doesn’t just stop when we leave Mt. Washington. We work with Abigail all week long at home on the tasks that her therapist suggest. Week to week, Abby makes visible progress and her therapists are always so happy with her! Read all about our Therapy Mornings below!

When we first walk in to Mt. Washington, we check in with the front desk. Almost every staff member greets Abby with the swetest “Hello”s and “Abby!!!”s! Abigail calls all of the staff that interacts with her around the hospital her “friends”! (How sweet is that!?!)

Once we have checked in, we head upstairs to the outpatient waiting area. Soon after we arrive, Ms. Kate finds us and we head to a private room. We start out the appointment by telling Ms. Kate about all of the things that we worked on the past week and if there are any new words that Abby has learned. After a few minutes, I leave the room and let Ms. Kate work with Abigail one-on-one. Often they read books, sometimes they play games. Today they played pretend with a few people and animal figurines in a play house where Abby described each little person and explained what they were going to do (eat, sleep, bath, etc). Incorporating play into Abby’s therapy sometimes helps her to cooperate. Just like every 3 year old, Abigail does not like being told what to do or say. Playing helps her open up and talk more naturally. Most parent sit in the waiting room during their child’s appointment but I like to peak in the window and check how Abby is doing, if she is cooperating, and to make sure she is talking. The the end of her appointment, I return to the room and Ms. Kate explains what her and Abigail worked on and what we can work on at home throughout the week.

Immediately following for Speech Therapy session, Abby has about a 10 minute break. During this break she enjoys her snack and gets some rest before Physical Therapy starts. Right in the outpatient waiting area there is a door that leads to a private courtyard. As you can see in the video, there are benches, umbrellas, and the cutest turtles! Anytime that the weather allows, you can find us there during her break! Abigail loves to “pet” and kiss the turtles. The area is large enough for her to maneuver her walker and walk around. Soon after she finishes up on her snack, Ms. Kristina comes to walk us to the gym.

Ms. Kristina always has a warm up activity ready for Abby. Today it was the bike! When Abigail rides the bikes, it is strengthening her legs, strengthening her core, working on her coordination, and her balance. When Abby first started working with the bike, she could not move it on her own. Now Abigail can pedal pretty fast and she is starting to get the hang of the steering, as well! Just look at that girl go!!

After she is warmed up, Ms. Kristina gets Abby working hard. Sometimes she works on standing unassisted, sometimes she works on the transitions from sitting to standing. Abigail has walked on the treadmill, walked up and down the stairs, and now she is working on walking with two crutches! This is next step to walking unassisted!! (Ahhh!! So exciting!) The crutches give her much less support than her Kaye Walker does. It will take her a while to get the hang of using them but she makes progress every time that she practices!

Ms. Kristina also incorporates play into Abigail’s therapy. This helps her stay motivated and focused on her activities while also making therapy fun! In the activity that you see in the video, Ms. Kristina set up an activity with play food where Abigail to “Point A” and picked out a food, then she walked to “Point B” to place the food on the plates. She did this about 6-7 times until she filled all of there play plates with play food. At the end she got to have a mini picnic for all of her hard work!

At the end of Abby’s morning she is often exhausted. (Did You Know: People with CP use 3 to 5 the amount of energy other people use when moving around?) Once we get out to the car, she often falls asleep immediately. We are so thankful that Matthew (Abigail’s Dad) gets to tag along with us every other week. He is so motivating for Abigail and she loves to “show off” for him!

We would like to give a HUGE “Thank You” to Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital and all of their staff. We have nothing but positive thing to say about everyone that we have encountered at this hospital and we can not thank them enough for being such a positive and friendly environment. You can learn more about Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital HERE

We would also like to give personal ‘Thank You”s to Abigail’s therapists who work so hard to make therapy fun and enjoyable for Abby while also giving her the best treatment. We appreciate everything that they do for Abigail and our family.

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Thank you for reading this post and watching our video!

9 thoughts on “Abigail’s Morning Therapy!

  1. Wow! Sounds like you have a great team working with you and Abigail! I use to work as an early interventionist and know how tired kids can get after having multiple sessions back to back. She sounds like a strong little girl! 🙂


  2. This sounds like a great experience. I loved reading about Abby’s therapy sessions, and it’s so sweet to hear the ways that she is exactly like every other 3-year-old!


  3. Good luck to all of you on this journey! I have a son with muscular dystrophy and it involves lots of therapy and working as a team. Looks like you’re doing a great job with her


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