Quick, Easy, Inexpensive: Bridal Shower Gift

HEALTHYcat food.png

Wedding season is here and my schedule for the next two months is PACKED. As a mom of two, I can barely find a hair brush half of the time, let alone an invitation that I received months ago… So I was in panic mode after being reminded of a bridal shower that I was attending later in the week! After requesting a photo of the invitation from a family member, I was on the hunt for the perfect gift. I looked up the lovely bride’s registry and saw White Towels. Immediately, I thought that this was something I could do!! Check out the awesome gift that I put together for under $25!


Let’s start with the basket.. I actually did not pay anything for the basket! It was gifted to me around easter this year and has been sitting on my counter ever since. It is such a pretty basket, I thought it would be perfect to re-gift! You can find similar baskets online, occasionally at yard sales, or you can up-cycle from something already sitting around in your home!


The Flowers.. I found these on a large display in my local Walmart. They had a wide variety of colors and kinds of flowers so that you could coordinate these with the wedding theme. I decided to stick with white to give the basket an elegant look. Each bunch of flowers was $0.97 each and I used two bunches to dress up this gift! I cut the stems about 2 inches from the flowers and carefully stuck them in the wicker of the basket! I also added a small bunch to the back of the basket to add some height and to tie the decoration of the basket into the gift!


The Towels.. I found the “Mrs. and Mr.” towels on sale at Target for $6.27 for each! These I had bought ahead of time and saved to put with whatever else I gave in the gift. The grey and white kitchen towels were a set of 4 that I found at Walmart for $4.57. I could not fit all 4 into the basket so I only included 3 of them and kept the 4th for my own kitchen. The washcloths were also purchased at Walmart for $0.97 each and I purchased two white and two grey.


Last, I added a small jar candle and a sweet card!

(If you wanted to add to this present you could simply include a gift card, check, or cash to the card.)


I was very happy with the end result this quick gift and I would definitely throw something similar together for the next bridal shower that I will be attending!

Thank you for reading!



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