Abigail Update: June & July

Hello Everyone!!

We apologize that we have been M.I.A lately. Progress with Abigail has been very steady and consistent! We have not had any big changes or news since our last update, but we have big news coming soon!

June & July.png


The past two months, therapy at Mt. Washington has been consistent. You can read our Morning Therapy Post and watch our video, here! In Speech Therapy, Abigail is working on spontaneous 2-word phrases, as well as, continuing to expand her vocabulary and making her sounds more clear. At home, we have been using quite a few practical activities to help her meet her goals. We have baked muffins, cooked meals, and taken care of baby dolls while talking about what we are doing. In Physical Therapy, Abigail is continuing to practice using two crutches and her transitions to standing. Lately, Abigail has been much more stable when standing and she even stood up by herself and held herself standing for almost a minute! Every single day, Abigail is continuing to get stronger and progress. Abigail will be reevaluated for Occupation Therapy soon. This will tell us if we need to start OT back up again, of if Abigail is still up to date on her goals. Weekly therapy at Mt. Washington will continue but it will be moved from Friday mornings, to Tuesdays.

As for new news, next week Abigail has an exploration appointment scheduled with Therafit Rehab, located in Westminster MD, to see if this could be a good fit for her! This would be another therapy resource for us, in addition to Mt. Washington. Following that appointment, there will be a post regarding how this appointment went and if we are going to continue with Therafit! Stay tuned..

Now, for JULY. July is going to be a BIG month for Abigail. Near the beginning of the month Abigail will be seen by a Pediatric Neurologist at Sinai, who will be setting her up with her first MRI. This is great news because we have been waiting for Abby to get her MRI for over a year now. Abigail will need to be sedated to have this testing, so it will be done at sinai hopefully in the couple weeks following her appointment. This MRI is going to tell us so much information that we are so eager to learn. It will tell us what parts of her brain are damaged so they can give an educated guess at how and why. You can learn more about Cerebral Palsy diagnosing, here. Also, during the month of July, Abigail has her next Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician Appointment with her doctor at Mt. Washington. Dr. A will be looking at all of Abigail’s charts and notes from her therapy, the notes from visit and MRI at Sinai, and she will help us continue to keep Abby on the best path that she can be own.

I will writing posts on all of the new news that we receive within the next couple months.

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Thank you all for reading and following along with Abigail’s long journey! We appreciate all of the support that we receive personally, and on all of our social media pages.


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