Update: TheraFit Rehab Exploration Appointment

Hey everyone!!

So if you read Abigail’s Last Update, June & July, I mentioned that Abigail would be having an exploration visit at TheraFit Rehab in Westminster, MD. We had this appointment the past Wednesday and so I am writing this to update everyone on how the appointment went and what we thought of the facility!

attracting an audience-2.png
TheraFit Rehabilitation


To start, the Westminster location that I had our exploration visit at was smaller than I had anticipated but it was packed with equipment and separated areas for each therapy activity. While we were doing our visit, there was about 4-5 people participating in therapy around the room and everyone seemed to be very productive. They had advanced equipment and I even learned a few new things! Justin, the owner, was extremely nice and was so wonderful with how he was trying to help Abigail warm up. Justin explained that at their new location (which coincidentally is right next door to Abigail’s pediatrician) will have a designated pediatric’s area with a play set to be used for therapy purposes. We are very excited to see this one the new location is open and operating. We also learned that TheraFit is a provider for special equipment which was a huge thumbs us for us after we had to wait almost 3 months for Abigail’s walker from NuMotion. For anyone who is interested in therapy, we do highly suggest that you check out TheraFit! The exploration visit was very informative and there was no pressure. We could tell that they genuinely wanted what was best for Abigail and her continuing progress. You can learn more about TheraFit Rehab, here.

As for an update, I was under the impression that we would be able to do TheraFit in addition to Mt. Washington weekly but unfortuentleny it would be one or the other. This would ONLY affect Physical Therapy. Abigail would continue weekly visits to Mt. Washington for Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy (which she will be getting reevaluated for this upcoming week). As for our personal decision, we will be continuing weekly therapy at Mt. Washington for the time being. Abigail is so attached to all of the staff and we feel like we would like her to meet her short term goals there before we want to consider moving her to a new facility with all new therapist and staff. Another plus about TheraFit would be that Abigail would start being seen twice a week instead of once a week and the commute would be easier on us, although we would still be continuing to drive to Mt. Washington for ST and OT weekly. Our plan is to schedule another exploration visit when the new location is open and we will reevaluate Abigail’s needs and our decision then!

Thank you so much for reading and continuing to share your support of Abigail and our family! This whole journey has had ups, downs, and hard decision after hard decision. We appreciate all of the positive thoughts and support that we get from everyone around us and everyone reading this blog. We will be posting another update a few weeks in to July!


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