Meet Abigail!16804099_795951907220545_4867636083557483358_o

Abigail is a sweet, sassy, little girl who will be turning 3 at the end of April 2017! Since the day she was born she has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and my husband. We started to notice Abigail’s developmental delays right around her first birthday. Abigail has Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy weekly. Her therapists and developmentalist recently diagnosed Abigail with Mild Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy. Abigail has exceeded all of her intellectual examinations. This means that mentally, she is not delayed or impaired. She is so smart and so outgoing. If you ever pass Abigail in the grocery store or down the hallways at her therapy sessions you are guaranteed to get a “hiiiii” and a sweet little wave from her! Abigail loves to read books, build towers with blocks, and play with her baby dolls. More than anything, Abigail wants to walk. Abigail wears AFO braces on both of her legs which have helped her so much already. We are currently working on getting Abigail her own Kaye walker so that she can have some independence with getting herself around and to also build up her muscles so that hopefully one day she can walk without assistance!

Meet Liam!16864716_795951740553895_6161105172256748906_n

Liam is Abigail’s one year old, little brother. Liam is with out a doubt, Abigail’s best friend. They do everything together. She looks after him, she loves to feed him, she gives him hugs and kisses. They love to cuddle on the couch and watch movies before bed. Liam has currently hit all of his milestones without delay. He is walking, talking, and helping to motivate his big sister! Liam loves to play with all of his toy cars, toy trucks, and toy trains. He loves to dance and watch Mickey Mouse Club House, as well as, any Disney Pixar movies.

Meet The Parents!11169853_493263707489368_6320527271556296684_n

My name is Emily and my wonderful husband is Matthew! Matthew and I met when we were 16 years old. We dated off and on for a few years. We found out that we were expecting Abigail in October 2013 and we both changed our entire lives to make sure that we could give her the best life possible. Matthew and I moved in together at 18 years old and had our daughter in 2014. About two weeks before Matthew and I celebrated Abigail’s first birthday, we got married! We had a extremely small and intimate ceremony in Gettysburg, PA. We rented 4 different apartments and a town home until in 2016 when we bought our first home in Hampstead, MD! We have an extremely happy and loving marriage. Matthew works as a sales consultant for Lexus of Towson in Towson, MD and I work part time in the evenings as a CMT at an assisted living facility. We are now 21 years old and are about to celebrate our second wedding anniversary! We support each other through all of the struggles an hardships that we have had to over come.

Abigail’s Journey

Since we are still very early in Abigail’s journey, we are still learning about Abigail’s condition as well. I will be posting updates, milestones, new information, and also supportive posts for other parents, including special needs parents to turn to. Let’s face it, no parent plans to come in contact with these struggles and there is no perfect way to deal with it. We are all just doing our best with what we have! I look forward to sharing out ups and downs with all of you.

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